Who we are

Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaMLA) is a not-for-profit collaboration between the University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge, two institutions with long and distinguished histories in the field of language assessment, teaching, and research.

Why CaMLA?
- You may want to go to USA or Canada to study
- You are a professional who needs English for work or training purposes in the USA
- You are interested in obtaining a general assessment of your English language proficiency  for educational or employment opportunities
- You are an adult or adolescent at or above a secondary level of education and you want to have a 'snap-shot' your general English language proficiency without taking an admissions test.

How widely is it recognized?
Recognition is a very important consideration when choosing an exam. Students need to check with the relevant authorities in their country or the country of study to see if the CaMLA tests are recognised.

Dates and Fees
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Payment Conditions
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MELAB in 2014

We will be publishing the new 2014 MELAB dates at the end of January 2014.